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Raymond Perrez
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My enthusiasm for science fiction goes back a long time – 35 years or so. For all this time I have been enthralled by tales of outer space and interstellar travel; tales of alien worlds and fabulous beings –so alien and yet so like us – tales of visitors from the stars, and of people with strange powers. 35 years of dreaming of other worlds and better futures; 35 years of soaring away on imaginary flights of fancy, borne by the wings – and winds - of imagination.

And now I have embarked on a research project, and this site has been created as part of my research. The topic : American science fiction cinema and its audiences. In particular I’ve been trying to find out why people watch SF films, what they get from the viewing experience, in short, what it all means to them.

I’ve already carried out a couple of surveys of the film audience – one, two years ago through a questionnaire posted on this site, which 75 SF fans and enthusiasts answered; and a second, more general survey of the American film audience, which I did in the United States last April.

I would now like to complete these with a third survey, of people who are particularly interested in strange phenomena, from UFOs to the paranormal, to try to establish a link - if there is one - between SF / Fantasy films and current beliefs in American society, in connection with strange and / or unexplained happenings.

This is what the following questionnaire is for, and I would be very grateful if you could fill it in. It should take you around ten minutes or so.

Naturally, I guarantee that any information provided on the questionnaire will remain strictly confidential – for my eyes only – and that no personal details will ever be released in whatever form, written or otherwise.

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The eye of the beholder
Blade Runner

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